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Heyrobics: January 14-20


Heyrobics Weekly Schedule January 14-20.pdf

Hey! This week’s schedule! Back this week: New sessions in Shunyi on Monday and Sunday, Sanlitun sessions 3 days/week, Beitucheng and HeyRunning on Sunday!!!

And, if you’re breathing bad these days of record pollution: BUY A MASK from our partner Totobobo – discounted price for all Heyrobicsfans! More info HERE!

Heyrobics: Dec 12-18

Hey, new week! We’ve got a bunch of Heyrobics mid-week sessions – not that this Tuesday’s sessions is temporarily located @ 3e School! Map here: directions from BSB to Lido up on Monday afternoon!

** UPDATE: Here’s direction from BSB to 3e School, LIDO – straight north from the Volkswagen HQ! ROUTE. Go biking – or why not jog…?! **

Launching the SPRING 2012 Internship!

Hey, great news for (The Heyrobics Team & for) those of you who wanna get more involved! We’re looking to get new talents involved in our new organization, and will be launching our new internships!

Aside from being a part of one of this city’s most creative healthy projects you’ll learn a great deal, too – interns will be working with creative marketing methods, social media, collaborations and a handful of our upcoming projects!

This time around, it’s two positions up for grabs: 1*Chinese speaker, 1*English (note that accents are more than welcome!)!

Basic requirements include a great smile & curious, positive attitudes! For more info, check out our Internship Intro!

** EXTRA NOTE ** The internship is a going concern: when we’ve found the right candidate we won’t wait, so apply now!

Heyrobics: Nov 28-Dec 4

Shunyi Friday – OUTDOORS!

Hey! The Swedish School session this Friday 09.00 will temporarily move from the sports gymnasium to River Garden’s outdoor lawn – same time, new great space!

Brrr, you might think – but Susanne’s got yoga mats, hot drinks and a great spirit that would get us through any Siberia-style conditions!

Heyrobics INTENSIVE!

It’s our toughest session yet. We’ll mix cardio, running, strength, agility into one full-on, all-out, pumping Heyrobics session. Premieres Thursday 24th 18.45 with an extra opportunity to do it on Dec 1!

So: Hey, can YOU do it?

Yeah: Lido starts Wednesday!

Hey! Sessions in Lido’s 3e school starts this Wednesday! Follow map above to get to the school, then enter the main gate of 3e International School & head to 2nd floor: we’re indoors!

HeyrobicsChallenge – 10 more spots released!

Hey! Tomorrow, the HeyrobicsChallenge is BACK, 798-style! 10 more spots available for 4 & 9k distances – CLAIM ONE by emailing Joy Bloser: joy (at) heyrobics! 21 hours left – whoa!